>>>how is mi concept ? <<<

hi all u furniture designers …

iam preparing a portfolio for furniture design at NID, india.
i would like to know how well is mi concept and mi portfolio [/url]sphero | a concept chair of a spherical form . | vishal thakur | Flickr

models were made on 3ds max.

plz comment

you indians should be better at sending links. I mean, you guys take care of customer service and everything!

I’m still a student so you can take my comments how you like.

I think you have a fun style. I really like how you turned advertising into seating. the sphero chair is a little iffy to me. What if you made the fold out piece functional, like a foot rest or something. It just sort of seems arbitrary as it stands now. i would really like to see some packaging projects from you. I think it may come naturally to you.

On the presentation side. You need to tell a story with your boards (I should be the one to talk, haha). I am having a hard time actually determining what some of your progjects are for. also I don’t like to have to read allot to know what they do, perhaps some context shots would be nice, Instead of showing your products in a barren desert maybe show them where you intend them to be used with people interacting with them.

Also your computer work looks pretty good. keep working on your sketching and model making.

Oh and…

you indians should be better at sending links. I mean, you guys take care of customer service and everything!

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Is the inside of the lid padded or will you hit your head on it. Is there any reason why it closes? Dirt? Dust? Is it an art piece to ponder over? Is there any reason for the lid? How do you keep your arms? Inside? Outside? Will the edge of the chair cut of circulation in your legs when you sit down? The outside shell looks hard. Why the colors. Circular things take up more space than any other form.

I like the idea of having our solar system in your own home.


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