How is Graphic Design department at CMU?

I was looking at CMU for graphic design. I was a bit put off by their 31K tuition. How good is their program, and how good are their facilities? How is placement for their designers?

There must be someone who is familiar with the graphic design department at CMU.

Hey, Sorry I’m not the chappie who knows about the CMU GD department.
But I am looking for a Good Grad course in Communication/ Graphic Design.
For a Year Later though. But i have no contacts in the US who can tell me which colleges are considered the creme de la creme for this field.
Looking for a list of the top ten or twenty Ivy League colleges.
If U can possibly help me out… please post on page 1. Thanx a bunch!

I am an ID senior at CMU but know the CD program fairly well. I would say if you enjoy using research as the basis for your designs, then the program will suit your needs. Be prepared to explain decisions about both the visual and functional aspects of your work. When approaching a problem, you will focus more on the audience of your piece and the context in which it will be viewed, on top of the visual organization. The faculty all have masters in their field, have work published and are highly respected in their disciplines. Many continue work while teaching and share that enthusiasm with students.

The tuition may be high compared to many other programs, however you will recieve a great education from an excellent university and have the opportunity to work with students in other disciplines. The diversity of the student body also creates a mixed community in which people of different backgrounds and interests fuse together and share ideas and experiences. Almost all students have unique interests outside of design and can include those in thier work + portfolio as well.