How is Design Academy Eindhoven ?

I have been explained that the difference between the schools (when comparing their industrial design programmes) could VERY roughly be described as Design Academy Academy Eindhoven is more art based whereas TU Delft is more technology/engineering based.

But because I do not have enough own experience of the two programmes, I think you should ask for further comments. There are probably students from both Delft and Eindhoven at the forum that maybe can give you their description of the programme they attend!

Design Academy Eindhoven is very outstanding.

Hi there. The second poster is correct… design academy’s programme is more conceptual rather than technical (whereas TU Delft is the latter.)

If you are interested I have an article about Design Academy that was printed in the NY times last October. You can view it online for $2.95 (ha) or just pm me.


Hi there. I just visited the school a couple of weeks ago. I have been accepted to the Man and Humanity masters. It was my first choice among four graduate programs. This is a new program started two years ago, so I’m assuming this is really an exception to the school’s curriculum and reputation, but I was hugely disappointed by what I heard. I had the luck of meeting three students in this program who gave me their candid views. First of all, this program is not recognized as a master’s program by the Netherlands (it is in process). Secondly, it seems the program is accomplishing almost the opposite of its goals. They told me of a project in which they were working with illegal immigrants and b/c of the publicity they got or something, some people actually were deported! I think it means well and will be an amazing program down the road. That said, I believe the undergraduate programs are supposed to be the school’s true forte. And Eindhoven is a quaint Dutch city and the school building is pretty sweet.

Correct, Man & Humanity has not been accredited as a Master’s yet (however they are working on it). It still has a lot of major kinks to work out in order to become a comprehensive program and I do not have the time nor money to waste. I wish I had more info for you on the other programs. I really believe this is an anomaly for the school since it is so new.

Are you speaking of Design Academy Eindhoven?

Yes, I was referring to Design Academy Eindhoven’s Man & Humanity Program.

Iffen - Not sure about the best program offered at the school since I was just researching the program I was accepted to. I would advise you to ask the school for emails of students currently enrolled/just graduated and get their candid feedback on your program. That is what has really helped me in my school/program research.

I do believe there are amazing programs at the school and Droog Design has a great reputation. Let us know what you decide. Good luck!

Unfortunately I don’t know too much about Droog, just know it has a great reputation for innovation and nonconformity. See articles/blurbs related to Droog all the time. Here is the website.

Perhaps you can post in the general discussion board to get more feedback. Sorry I can’t be of more help.

I don’t know much ab out the university in Eindhoefvn but I can tell you that TU Delft is a colege with an outstanding reputation. Someone mentioned them having a good reputation in the engineering field. i believe this is correct. Their archietecture programme is excellent.

personally from the little bit of knowledge i have I would go with Tu Delft because of the name. Again though obviously it’s something to research.

Hi all- I’m an IM Master’s grad (2002)

Basically, It depends on what you are looking for- both schools are very strong but have very different, almost opposite approaches.

Congratulations on being accepted to both. Not easy to do.

From what I understand, Delft concentrates on both design and engineering with an emphasis on systems, materials, and business. Very strong program.

Design Academy Eindhoven has been called the black sheep of the Dutch programs. The IM program is not just more conceptual, it is conceptual design-- and they are the masters at it. Also though, the programs that they have (IM, funlab, and Design for Humanity) are new and in flux. They are very fluid- providing both opportunities and aggravation.

The school also doesn’t babysit. You have to be ready with housing (they are working on that), money, and some supplies (even a studio because it is not a 24 hour school). And be prepared to travel. Eindhoven is off the grid in many ways.

However, you will have the best guest instructors you could imagine and they will fight for you (in a way that I’ve never seen before) if you have an idea with promise. Most passionate people I have ever met.

But you need to visit both and talk to a lot of people.

Best of luck.

Hi everybody!
I’m also a master student at IM Design Academy, and I’m a really disappointed one. And that’s not something unusual. I think most of us in the first year, and also the second year have thought about quitting, or change to the bachelor at least once. It’s much unstructured. Every year the students complain, but almost nothing happens.

We have some interesting guest teachers, but no time with our teachers. There’s none or very little dialogue or discussion about what you do, because the teachers are only there one day every second week, and that’s for ca 30 persons (both first and second year students). And for the Droog part… We don’t have them as teachers, just critics at the presentations.

DEA is a VERY conceptual school, we do most research. As a second year student you have to write a thesis; lots of research and less design. Most of the projects ends up like (for me) pure art. There’s no function or usage for the “objects”.

The Masters are international so you have classmates from all around the world, that’s one of the good parts, but also a bad part. No one knows the school and how to get what you want.
It’s also a very individual school, everything is up to you, if you can’t fix it, no one will help you. For me it’s not an education, it is a place to get assignments and critic, and as I wrote very little feedback or dialogue…

My last opinion is: DON’T GO THERE! It’s not what you think it is…

HI - I am at DAE also and a BA student. I was going to write this later on but I have to say that for your own sake - PLS do your research before accepting a place at the school because everything that Lambert said is correct, not just for the Masters program but for the BA as well.

You’ll find that the assignments are VERY conceptual. To this day I have no idea what the objectives of my projects are and none of them are about Industrial Design. Of course this is still early in the year but I don’t have a lot of faith in the program.

You don’t get feedback from your teachers. If you do they just nod their head in agreement, say ok then in your evaluation marks give you a low or failing grade!? Also, there seems to be a trend amongst the teachers here … they are not punctual, show up late, or consistently answer their mobiles during class.

I’ve taken many art classes before and have found the critiques to be helpful and teachers have always been more than willing to push you beyond your boundaries, while respecting your individuality and creativity. Here, I feel like everything and everyone feels BLAH… no reaction whatsoever. They give you an assignment, say one or two sentences about it then off you go. Not much guidance. You’re on your own and if you’re clueless, you’ll be stuck here for years (because they’ll keep failing you.)

PS Just a bit of an interesting sidenote but the reason why they keep getting good reviews from the NYTimes is because the head person at the school has connections with the newspaper. I reread one of the articles very carefully and there was actually a lot of sarcasm in it… .too late as I discovered it after I paid my tuition. Oops

the teachers DON’T show up


As you’ve been able to read a lot about the DAE perspective here’s a delft opinion.
It is much true that Eindhoven is conceptual. The Delft masters program:
is accredited and pretty decent. Actually there are three masters:
Integrated Product design; Decent industrial design engineering program
Design for interaction: more conceptual program with a focus on the product user interaction (hot topic in the design business)
Strategic product design: this used to be called innovation management. (the names say it all)

The delft industrial design engineering faculty is the biggest in the world (i’ve heard) which has two sides: on the one hand, the groups are very big. You’re expected to be very independant and you’re anonymous in large groups (little personal contact with lecturers and so on…)
On the other hand it does bring forward some great opportunities. The facility’s: computers, Workshop, lecturers, building etcetera are good and getting better…)

hope this info is of help and good luck

Next to that: Tu Delft has a great reputation

(also thanx to the Architecture and the civil engineering faculty’s)

I’m also a master student at Design Academy. If you, as an industrial designer student, is thinking of applying to this school, please re-think or at least do some research about the school. I didn’t… I thought the school would be good because of the reputation and Droog Design.
But how wrong could I be?

My opinion, as Lambert, is that what we do is art. It’s more navel gazing then target grouping. Of course it’s up to you, but the school doesn’t stimulate it. The fact is that the atmosphere isn’t creative. I’ve lost all my creativity since I got here, and it’s not because of me.

This is a warning!

Most of the students are disappointed with the education. Don’t make yourself another one…

i am the one who posted above about my experience at dae (not the masters but ba student) and i know heaps of students who have heard through word of mouth about how great this school is… but then the actual education seems to contradict this?? (at least from my own experience as i was very disappointed, apparently NOT the only person.)

i know that a lot of posters have said the same - how great dae is but where did this reputation come from? is it based on mere hearsay / word of mouth or is it because dae has managed to churn out some prolific / famous designers who sell their wares at trendy designer shops like “moss” in nyc? is it really because of their education at dae or would these designers have made it themselves regardless of the school they attended?

i think for those who are interested in this school… keep in mind that when choosing a school it is VERY important to know the school’s philosophy (do they focus on technical skills or just ideas? what kind of assignments do they give to their students and how do teachers critique?) and watch out for seemingly minor things like the efficiency of the administration. it is very telling when everyone is running around like chickens not getting things done because this will be reflected in the behavior and attitude of the faculty, though of course there are exceptions.

good luck to those researching ID schools. it is really hard to know if the one you have chosen is the “right” one until you are actually there, but of course, your education is also what you make of it.

hi all,

I was in IM Master course. I’ve seen many things happened in these 4-5 years since the progrm started. What Lambert said is really true. There are good and bad points. If you ask the first generation, you will hear different stories, everything changed, even NAME of this master!

  • There were incredibly nice guest teachers in the first 3 years comparing to now.
  • There are incredibly great workshops sometimes. (Depend on luck)
  • You have total freedom to think and work with your own way.
  • International friends are really cool.

what you really have to consider :

  • The program structure is not sattle. Every year they change something. You never know what will happen in the next trimester(or some year - semester) You can complain for the changes but nothing will happen.
  • It is Industrial oriented. Those who want to learn something about Interior or Identity - forget it!!
  • IM Master = Droog Design backyard factory. If you want to produce work for Droog, here is the best place.
  • In my opinion, mentors don’t give really useful comment on your work. Also they don’t have enough time to talk with all students.

For me what I got from being there was really unique experience but I don’t call it studying - it was struggling. There was not even one second I could be sure if I made the right decision.

If you want to get what you expected, don’t come here. Nobody knows what’s gonna happen tomorrow.

dear all,

I’m really sorry to say that this school made me very disapointed!!!

The school is real unorganize. Do not facilitate the student visa. Do not assist the student problem. Do not…etc. and gonna eat the fee that i paid while i can’t attend the school because of the visa problem. Also they want me to pay for the accomodation for 5 months!!!, while i didn’t stay and only made the reservation.

I thing this is a stingy school!!! I want to tell everybody who decide to apply to BEWARE

Surely, you’ll face the incredible unbeliable problems all the time.

This is my truely worse experience, i ever seen. And this school made me loose one year for nothing.
:cry: :cry: :cry: