how is DAAP ?

Just got into masters program (industrial design) at DAAP. University of cincinnati. Been hearing for long that DAAP offers one of the best grad programs in Industrial Design. Was rated in the top 10 design colleges of the world, by ID magazine in 2003, I guess

Ne comments ?? How abt ID at IIT chicago, or for that matter TU Delft or UMEA.
:unamused: A bit confusedā€¦

When I was there the Grad program just started gaining momentum, so Iā€™m no expert on the subject, but the Undergrad program is great. Iā€™m blown away every time I see the work of the recent graduatesā€¦

I think there are three factors that make UC a great undergrad program, CO-OP, itā€™s a large program - so lots of variety of experience:students and adjuncts and CO-OP.

Grads are not allowed to go on co-op since they already have professional experience, so its not fair to compare the programs.

Craig Vogel has moved to UC from CMU and is starting up a research institiute much lilke he did there, I assume his grads will do most of the work on those projects (much like grads in other discliplines) and get a Masters in returnā€¦so look at the projects in the back of ā€œCreating Breakthrough Productsā€ and if they look good to you, then go to UC!


TU Delft will teach you Design management
Umea will teach you to think
Daap will introduce you to Industrial Design

Depends on what you want. Spend time at all three would be good : )

Good luck