How hot is it where you are?

I’ve been hearing about the record heat sweeping the country, so I thought I’d ask about how it is in your neck of the woods. BTW, it was a pleasant mid 70’s here in the great Pacific Northwest.

Here in Los Angeles on Saturday it was 103F (39.4C) at my home (Pasadena area). Cooler today, but in the high 90’s.

Boston…142 degrees in my pants

91 in NJ

Cold front rolling through the Midwest. It was 105 on Sunday, 97 yesterday and reached a high of 85 today before dropping to 73 degrees at 3:30 pm. Don’t worry relief is on the way.

Kansas - before the cold front, 97-103. This morning, Wednesday, after the cold front went through, 56 with a high in the upper 70’s. Refreshing.

New York, NY 91 and rising



I grew up in Phoenix on a farm. I remember chopping cotton one summer when it was 122F in June. Worked the ramps at Sky Harbor to put myself through design school at ASU. In the summers they would close the airport when the runways reached 125F because the planes couldn’t get enough lift to safely take off, and the taxiways were asphalt and the planes would sink!

I know what you’re feeling-but really miss the light show from the dust storms and monsoon with all the cumi’s skyin’ out!

Stay cool!