HOW hard to get into Art Center?

is it really competitive? (the graduate program)
i’m a freshman majored in ID in China, i’m planning to go to US when i graduate. will it be possible that i can be accepted? cuz i really wanna work on my skills and upgrade myself in order to realize my dream.
Since i’m only in the 1st year of my study,i dont know what exactly i will learn(we dont have the curricula). my 1st year courses here are quite disappointing . apart from other nonsense subjects, i only learn some pencil sketching and 3compositions,which is taught in a really short period of time,i doubt that if i’ve learnt something useful. i only know how to use photoshop,illustrator (basic skills) and autoCAD, not yet start to learn 3d softwares(planning to). besides,i’m good at sketching,and drawing.
pls tell me what kind of skills do i need to be qualified? anybody tell me wht kinds of subject you learn in the colloge? anybody thx a lot~

may I refer yo uto this topic a mere half a page down

I went there recently to see about entering the program at Art Center. they teach NO foundation classes and what they really want to see is you hand sketching abilities. you can see more about my experience there towards the end of the topics posts.

Just remember that the Grad Program isn’t about learning skills, it’s about doing actual research…they expect you to have the experience/skills to do the research (Check the ArtCenter website.). If you want to go to Art Center, why not work on your basic drawing/rendering skills and try to transfer into their undergrad program? For the most part (in the US, anyway.), a Master’s really isn’t necessary unless you want to teach.

An ID program with no curriculum seems really odd, but if you want to see what you “should” be learning, just check out the curricula of other ID programs via the school websites.

And like everyone has said before, “School’s what you make of it”.

like you said ,it’s odd!! i’m getting confused, actually, my classmates are confused,too. some of them even dont like design at all, they were just forced to be in this major(cuz it required a realatively low socre in the entry exam,they got low scores so they had no choice). ironically, i love art and design,and i also got a pretty high score, but i got into this university which is just well known for it’s science and engineering programs.(Because i wasnt acdepted to the Art school i applied )
My courses suck! i hate being stuck in here! however, you r right, i dont have to rely on school. so i’m doing all i can to learn the skills. i hope i will one day become a designer.
some ppl gave me advice that i should go to US for a grad degree , for there wont be any decent job in China for an undergraduate. that’s quite true. and that’s why i want to do the grad program. since the tuition and fee are extremly high in US, i may not be able to spend 3or 4 year on another bachelor degree. the only way seems to be applying a grad degree which takes less time and give me a higher education background.
well, i really appreciate your opinions~