How hard is it?

How hard is to get accepted into Vehicle Design MA’s at RCA with a ok/good portfolio?

of course, yes.

seriously though, without seeing your stuff, there is no way to really give you an indication to you chances if that is what you are looking for.

It’s really hard. Did that help?

I’m starting some courses in september at Art Center at Night in order to improve my skills, as well as my portfolio. So i’ll probably be posting my draws by october

Thats a long way from now… Why dont you start now?

One of my lecturers was from RCA.

To be accepted into vehicle design in RCA, you have to “go the extra mile”. RCA likes someone who has combined high ideas and design skill into a fully working product and gained some critical acclaim at the same time. So the people that get into this course are practising architects, designers with several years’ experience and people from other backgrounds who have created exceptional work. RCA doesn’t want a grad straight from college, it wants someone who has a record of working on personal projects and full-time employment in any design, science, art or technology related area.