How hard is it to get into Cincinnatti?

Hey all, I’m an engineer right now thinking about going back to school and starting over in ID. One of the schools I’m thinking about is U of Cincinnatti (DAAP) because of the co-op options and from what I’ve read on Core77, it’s a good program. My question is, since UC doesn’t require a portfolio for admission, and it’s considered a good ID program, how hard is it to get into the program? (I’d be applying as a transfer student because I already have a BS in Engineering from Berkeley)?


I can’t comment on the transfer admission requirements but I went to UC/DAAP and benefited from the delayed portfolio review.

I don’t know whatother schools you are considering but COOP programs are invaluable. On the job exposure enormously enhances your value at graduation and your ability to pick a place you will want to work(corporate/consulting/etc.) Specifically at UC I would suggest transfering to ohio residency after your first year for in state tuition.

good luck

getting into uc is not as hard as some school’s that require portfolio’s (art center, CIA, CCS) the gpa requirements are a bit higher in some areas though.

daap’s goal is to recruit elite students and teach them to design… whether that works is usually up to the student and thier drive to succeed.

being from an engineering background, i think you’ll get in just fine.

that said… staying in is another thing. the program like the other’s mentioned is very competitive. co op is a great tool… especially if the student is motivated in pursuing jobs.

bottom line, daap is one of the best schools in the country and with a price tag much lower than most (especially in state tuition).

good luck with your choice.