>>>>how good am i ?????

hi guys
i sketched this in a hurry …can u tell me how my ideads and sketchings are …i am a civil engineer who is intrested in going in for post graduation in industrialdesign …


click on >>>> sketchings

awaiting responses …

its probably better to post an image in the thread than on a link for a quick response–


I like how you have many different tips-and ideas

I also like how you have written some notes but it is difficult to read and understand because of the yellow in the background. I would next time not put this yellow-or really a color in the back ground unless it serves a purpose-like to make a object pop out–

I would also work on your proportions and shapes-or I guess the line quality-It is fine for an initial thumbnail-which these look like they are-but just keep line quality in mind-

so also i would zoom in some parts and take the oject apart so we can see its function or how its used or different then what is out there now.(just an idea)

hard for me to tell you how great your ideas are because i am kind of guesing off of the sketches and kind of hard to see clearly(maybe re-sketch the ones you like and have then larger-with destails)-maybe you should tell us what you are trying to accomplish? some of these sketches look simular to products that are out now-with an explaination we will understand more.

you have came to the right place for advice-I am sure alot of people will be able to help-