How forgotten patents can inspire future design

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It’s inspiring to see initiatives like the Paleo Energy Project resurrecting forgotten inventions to tackle present challenges. Reading this piece, I couldn’t help but recall Austin Kleon’s book “Steal Like an Artist”.Just as Kleon reminds us of the importance of drawing inspiration from others’ work to create something new, Cédric Carles’s project shows us how we can find innovative solutions by looking to the past.

Thank you for sharing this news, as it reminds us that creativity and innovation often lie closer than we think, just waiting to be rediscovered.

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This is really interesting. I’ve occasionally thought about how society has taken a particular path with technology, but there likely could have been other legitimate paths to follow. And it’s possible some were abandoned for reasons having nothing to do with the technology’s feasiblility, or maybe there was a stumbling block that has since gone away but the idea has since been forgotten.

I had imagined something like this, but less like an art project or more like a legitimate R&D laboratory. I’m curious to see what might come of it.

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“and we say, no, it’s not three days in a week. It’s one day, then two months later another day…“

That’s amazing