How find an efficient master being an economics graduate?

Good evening.
I am new to this community. I am seeking help.

I am a graduate economics student from Greece. I have recently decided that Design studies would have been much closer to my interests. However, 6 years of basic Eonomic studies are not worthless therefore I would like to know whether I could get a masters diploma combining the two fields. I do not know if it is possible. What I usually see is classes like Design Management, but aimed at design graduates who seek further knowledge on the fields of Economics.

Could someone help me please?

how much do you like to draw?

I like drawing much.

I have received 1.5 years lessons on “free” sketch and 0.5 on architectural. (I’m not sure whether these terms are correct).

But would this be needed in a masters class about design management or so? Thanks for the post.

not having any design experience and expecting to manage designers wont work out very well. You will probably will not be admitted to most ID grad programs or any Design Management programs. perhps an MBA would be better? such as Northwestern’s in product development.

otherwise you’ll need a design degree and some practical experience on the job. PRATT excells in 3 year Masters for non-designers.

I am sorry I bother you as much, but could you let me on a few more details on the two schools (?) you’ve mentioned? (Country?
When you say it is a 3 years’ masters class, what exactly is it? I think I should better have a look through the web. Am I right to look for PRATT and NORTHWESTERN?)

Anyway, what I am really trying to do is find a masters abroad, that could somehow combine economics and design and then probably have 3 years studies on Design here in Greece.

it’s no bother,
Econ and ID don’t directly connect within any pre-packaged curricuulum I know of. At a graduate level, you can proscribe your own course of study in a number of institutions.

If you want to become a practicing industrial designer, you will need a “1st professional degree” this is either a Bachelors or the Masters at Pratt in New York or Illinois Institute of Design in Chicago (although IIT is heavily oriented towards research).

If you want to become a business manager who also manages a design group, an MBA somehwere with a focus on product development or innovation would be better. Like Northwestern U in Chicago or the school in Toronto (I can’t think of off hand)

which direction are you headed in?


I was halfway through an Econ degree prior to realizing that I was about to become an Economist… Luckily the economics section of the library was close to the design section and I was able to see the error of my ways and correct my path. (sarcasm intended) I ended up starting over and doing my degree in ID.

I don’t consider my time studying Economics wasted - although it doesn’t directly help me in my day to day work as an industrial designer it has given me a more complete understanding of the business climate.

In general though - if you are interested in ID - take the plunge. Try a summer course somewhere and see f you like it.

What I would probably like most would be to become a well-known designer and be able to state my ideas efficiently. However, this is not very realistic and as far as my age is concerned, 24, it could be a setback in comparison with young graduates of design schools ready to make their first steps into the industry. To reach their level, I would need 4 or 5 more years and I think that it is not easy to compete with already experienced designers at the age of 30.
So, the best step for me would probably be to take an MBA class as you mentioned ( if I am not mistaken, does that stand for Masters of Business Administrarion?) and then, try to participate in some 3 years program, in order to experience this new field and aquire some basic knowledge on the essential tools of Design.
In that way, I will try to make a move but having a kind of parachute (that would be my Economic studies and my masters)…

Thank you for your advice. Let me know what you think of the above.

I agree with you, taking something like a summer course is what I am thinking of doing. If you see the post above, I am thinking of attending a 3 years technical school and see what happens. What I am thinking is that to be an efficient designer, that would take a few more years than 3 and probably a masters diploma. For me, to reach this level, I will have to reach the age of 30 or even more. Then I will have to make my first steps which usually include menial work (e.g: work in an office, just copying the sketches of higher hierarchically designers). That is why I want to have my graduate studies secured with a masters and then tak my design class. In this way, although I will try to “become” a designer, if this will not work out, at least I will not be unable to fing a job. And I hope that whatever happens, I will have the basic knowledge to practice design as a hobby ( after the 3 years)…
You see, I wish I was like you, to have realised this whole thing earlier… I just hope I will be able to change this even now, at the age of 24. Thank you, it really makes me feel better to know that I am not the only one facing such problems with the awful economic studies. About the “understanding of the business climate” you mention, this is what I want to acheive by a masters that could be in-between, what I am looking for…
A final question: in what age did you have that turn? How many years of economics did you have?

if you really want to be a designer, you need to get right to it. your not alone in discovering ID later on in life, there are tons of people looking for their first design jobs in their 30’s even 40’s…don’t think it’s impossible!