how far would you go for studying ?

would you do it till a doctorate ? Do you think most doctorates are a little egoistical …

masters (but not in design or art).

doctorates are not really regarded very high in the “working world”. talkers more than do’ers, if you will. just my expereince.

a masters degree hold more value. i am trying to return to receive mine in business or marketing.

exactly my view… but if you like to teach, the PhD seems to be important. Masters would be very useful. I think people from other disciplines are going into design for their masters. I heard Stanford has a course that teaches design creativity to management/engineering students.

The farthest I would go is masters, but I would not get it in design… design is just not an academic activity. I wouldn’t mind getting a masters in Art History.

I am to be MA pretty soon… after thesis. However, I feel that the last step on my education will not further develop me much. Actually working and meaningless actions on creative field will perhaps deepen my thoughts even more. As last summer the work experience gave me a lot of cards to play with, professionally.

Still I have plans to study further, or at least broaden the insight, perhaps abroad. MBA, in transport or even the cursed doctorate later… who knows. Studying is however the time for yourself to look inside. Luckily, studying in Finland is made possible for anyone qualified.

I am thinking… well first off I love to learn.
The fact is this learning at schools is getting too expensive…
I question the value of learning now. Its about promotiion and higher pay most of the time.

I have yet find the college of my dreams…

damn… isn’t this romantically hard ?!

anymore ideas for my situation ?

I’ve just got out of college debt and am saving up…

no such thing. how about learning on the job. get paid at the same time. wonderful concept. apply what you learn, who knew?


I’m starting an MFA program (visual communications design) in the fall. I don’t think I would do an advanced degree in the same field as I’d done my bachelors in though (I have a B.Arch). I’m not even considering a Ph.D. for a second. The MFA is to expand my field of knowledge and so that I can teach at university level later on, but if teaching hadn’t been in my plans I doubt I would be doing it.

Well, i would NEVER consider a PhD in design. Design is something you really learn while working. For personal reasons i am doing now my 2nd Master (ok ok, many poeple will start commenting on that but guys… each one is doing it on his/her own way right?) . The first one was MA and the one i am doing now is Msc in Strategic Product Design. Before i start my masters, i had 2 years work experience and i learned a lot BUT i had the feeling i wanted to live for a while abroad, get to know other cultures and at least for me through studies was the best way.

I would also recomend you to do your Master in a field complementary to design and NOT design.

Good luck!

exactly my sentiments. – learning is not restricted in the college grounds only. if you enjoy learning it can be anywhere anytime… some of the worlds best thinkers only have a basic degree, and a good number of them don’t even have a degree…

masters is needed to teach but these days Phds seems to be the norm now.that forces you to think of further studying if you want to teach which in my case i do like to teach. its also pretty silly to assume that those with a higher qualification can teach better which isn’t the case…but since there are so many people owning these higher degrees, guess it means employers will ask for a higher qualification.

also i am begining to think that a lot who go into the teaching teach because they want to make a steady stream of money…more than they want to teach.

teaching requires a special character of enquiry about things that happen around them… it requires the humanistic character to teach and genuinely care for the students, how the university could contribute to the society other than just churning out tonnes of papers for their own’s sake.