how far will your design take you?

do u design for getting the fame…

do u dsign for the money…

do u design for your self-satisfaction…

how do u feel when one of your design is well rated by senior designer but it doesnt satisfy the user…


I’m only a wee guy, but I’d say that A and B are great byproducts of a job. but reason C is one of the big reasons to actually do it.

To me, I want to be a designer because, yea I’m pretty good at art, but cuz I formulate things in my head, see them in my mind’s eye as a tangible 3D object and portray that in 2D really well. My art teacher’s are amazed I can just pull things out of my ass that look very realistic but are just ideas from my head. So that is one reason. In addition, I really like to be able to just come up with objects/things that are my own.

I get tired of being stuck buying something that just isn’t quite interesting or appealing or featured the way I need, so I’m always saying “If I were making it, I’d” I always see cars that I wish looked different. Maybe if I start doing design I will actually be able to influence or contribute to a project that actually looks and works the way I would want it to. That kicks the crap out of other products without being more expensive, because it was designed better[/b]

for example right now I design paintball guns. Most recently paintball milsim guns, they look like a real SWAT firearm, but they shoot paintballs instead. These have been on the market for a while, but none of them look all that great. So I used a paintball firing mechanism I’d been designing for like 3 years and then used AutoCAD to put the sketches into something I could prototype. Now prototyping has started to come along and the pieces are fitting together pretty well to form a paintball M1 Carbine. If everything works out (It might, but I expect a few prototype problems and we’ll probably remake more than a few parts before that happens) then I’ll have designed an extremely compact paintball shooting system that could be used in milsim paintball to make guns that look and act loads more realistic than the current guns. That’s what I want to keep doing, push the envelope.

Ak, I bet I sound like a crazy little kid now. Whatever, I can only go up. :sunglasses:

your design will take as far as yoiu want it to
say for instance you are a corpo. designing for consumption of objects pda,cell phones, appliances really just putting a spin on the last model.if you are satisfied with that, then thats probably as far as it will take you, self satisfaction.

I know i sound like an idealist but your designs will take you as far as youtake them.

If your not happy, at your job but cant afford to quit justdo it to pay the bills and start to enter desgin compititions taht you feel would be rewarding on more of a level than just fame or money.

example. desing that helps reduce waste or green design.
if you were to come up with something that changes the way people live, meaaning making their life better,not just less bad.

I think that is where desing would be most rewarding, and probablly most challenging

I’ve gone through this phase before, but I think I’m passed it. Industrial design is not creating products for competitions or so that they grace the glossy pages of some stuck-up design magazine. It’s about solving a problem that your employer (be it consultancy or corporate.) Otherwise, you’re just being an artist and trying to feed your own ego.

ID’er are the same as engineers, architects, and even chefs. Simply there to help make money. What you do with that money is up to you. Granted, I’ve seen some industrial designers come up with some pretty great things that were environmentally friendly and could help ease our lives. For instance, that filter straw that was recently discussed (bet I know of a good place for it now) and the winner of the Taiwan bicycle competition. That bicycle makes it easier on children and their parents to learn out to ride. Fantastic design…but it makes money too.

Try not to confuse Industrial designers with inventors. As a creative group of people, we commonly find ourselves coming up with innovative solutions to problems at hand. Will those solutions bring fame? Maybe, that’s simply a by-product of how the product brought in money. Some of the finest designs out there may not ever see production, thus not bring in any money. Therefore, you will never receive any fame for it.

Personally, I take satisfaction in knowing I created the best product I could given the parameters (time, money, ease of production.) If it wins an award, fine. But that’s not necessarily a result of what I did. It’s a result of what everyone in the team did, all the way from marketing to the production floor, to the consultant on the sales floor.

Nothing else has really interested me as much as ID has. I think its one of the few things that a person with drawing talent and a short attention span can excel at.