How far is too far?

As a student I always run into the confusion on how far is too far. At times I want to apply a technology( projected to be possible in abt 5 years) and people think it’s too far fetched. Sometimes when I keep it to what’s out there today, the feedback is underwhelming.

For me, if it’s a concept project, I definitely will find an existing technology, often under development, and predict what it can do in about 5 years. Sounds reasonable? Not to everyone. This happens in both school and during internships as well as portfolio reviews.

It gets really frustrating especially when it’s hard to clarify yourself without the supervisors feeling offended. They just don’t buy it( even after showing the research). Then someone else comes out with a even more far fetched concept and wins an international award.

So how far is too far? Or, what tactics do you think will be efficient in convincing people that your idea is reasonably sound?

A lot depends on how well you can sell your idea, and how convincing you are when you present it. No one can give you a general rule of “how far is too far.” It always depends on the situation (project, technology, client). In general, the better prepared you are to explain and defend your concept, the better you’ll fare.

…most of the time i find that my initial concepts are a bit over the top for most clients, so i will back it off a bit…guage the reactions…and go from there…they usually go for something a less extreme than i invision but that is ok…evolutionary is still going in the right direction…takes less time and money to get there…risk management is all part of the game.