How does Twitter work?

I read a few twitter feeds, but I hardly ever post.

Yesterday I did but I dont know how this works. Can anyone help?

If I tweet to @blahblah, does the tweet automatically go into @blahblah’s twitter feed, or is there a vetting process that allows @blahblah to decide what tweets go onto their feed?

Also, the one time I had a twitter conversation with someone, the ‘view conversation’ button didn’t show the whole message, but I received an email with the replies in it.

I’m doing this on a desktop, not a mobile device.

If you do an @so-and-so it will show up in their personal feed, but it won’t broadcast to their followers… in other words, @frogdesign has 368,000+ followers… if you write a post to @frogdesign, whoever monitors that account will see it, but their 368,000+ followers won’t unless they retweet it, or at least hit reply so others can see the conversation.

Thanks for that, I thought there must be some sort of moderating process, otherwise twitter feeds would be full of spam.

I can’t imagine how people manage this, especially the deluge of messages some twitter feeds must get.

This is the definitive explanation of how Twitter works.

It looks like a joke, but it’s really helpful if you’re new to it.

That was super actually!

And here’s the original concept sketch:

Story from the LA times here: Twitter creator Jack Dorsey illuminates the site's founding document. Part I

Awesome article! I can’t believe it had been in the works since 2000 and they just needed technology to catch up to their platform. Amazing.