How does one measure the aesthetics of technology implementation

I want to start a discussion regarding an aesthetic for measuring the use of technology in industrial design projects.

I have mine own ideas and measurements which I would be happy to share but I also don’t want to pollute the water too much. I would rather start slow with my description because it is quite elaborate.

The impetus is this personal observation:
Technology has become too small to measure; it is easier to add complexity than to create something simple.

If industrial design is the philosophical use of resources then it has aesthetic and its medium is technology. This has been true since at least Amenhotep.

I have been working on putting together small run manufacturing facility. It is one of those projects where I hit an obstacle and have to spend 5 years working around it.
I have finally hit a point where I think I’m all set-up.

Cogs Inc. is headquartered in an old school. I have converted 7 classrooms into studio apartments. The idea is that the whole building is design lab for human living systems.
I have finally gotten the first 4 studios ready. I chose studio apartments because I want to work on small compact efficient appliances.

Repeatability is one aspect that separates industrial design from sculpture, woodworking, and art. If I can produce enough items for the 7 apartments I could go on to produce at almost any quantity.

The perimeter of the apartments has a French cleat that is meant to be the foundation for the closets and furniture.

This is the listing for the units. They are available and I would love to fill them with designers(shameless plug). There is a fiber optic line to the building and we have some static IPs.

That is probably enough for now. I’m in a weird stage of wrapping up a 4.5 year push to transition to what I’m doing next. I appreciate any feedback. As I start to actually create artifacts I will keep this thread current.