How does it work in your studio?

Do you guys get your own projects and help each other out, or do you guys compete with each other? I’d like to find out which is the more popular way out there or if there’s any other execution methods. Thanks.

internal competition might be great for sales guys and internal competitions to design the signs for the bathrooms(or whatever), but I think in terms of client work cooperation and creative/constructive criticism gets you further. Thats how we do it here.

we treat each other like brothers.

oh i forgot- and no stupid republican morons.

we do it thunderdome style, every man for himself
bats, knives, tina turner, etc

seriously though
there is a lot of cooperation, criticism and encouragement

four more years!
i love it

kiss your own ass.

Since I am the only in-house designer, I run the show! Actually, I have to answer to and work with quite a few people, none of which are designers (VP of sales, VP of merchandising, merchandising managers, the CEO, etc). .

Oh, and we leave the politics at the door. :wink: