How does Catia v5r17 compare to Pro/E wildfire?


I wonder if there is anyone in here know both Catia and Pro/E Wildfire. If so, what do you think about Catia vs Wildfire in modeling and drafting? More specifically:

  • Is Catia capable of create a taper (or any form) compression spring, a wave washer?
  • Is Catia capable of make the compression spring and wave washer flexible i.e in it compress form in an assembly?
  • Is Catia capable to create family of parts in a drawing?
  • Is Catia capable to create a multiple row and column table in a drawing? If so, is it capable of copy and paste multiple cells?
  • Can Catia create a mechanism assembly with collision detection i.e the parts will stop when they interfere with other parts?
  • Can an user symbol (triangle and hexagon with a numerical value) be inserted to a dimension or a note?
  • Can a dimension and GD&T be inserted in a note in Catia so when the dimensions or GD&T change, this change will also reflect in the note?

Thanks in advance for your time and help.