how do you write a design report for a conceptual design

I was wondering if you have an examples of a design report for a design that is less technical but more concerened with vague questions as ‘what is a table, what is furniture’ why and how…


I’d say abstract rather than vague, (conceptual work is anything but vague).
Listed below are not reports (they make you do reports?, ugg), but rather essays and books in no particular order:

From the dutch-

Any droog book, such as ‘Spirit of the Nineties’. ‘Less is more’ gets a bit preachy.

Lookup 010 publishers in Rotterdam. Pick a book, any book.

‘False flat’ (again, 010 publishers)

Book- “Eternally-Yours, Time in Design.” Collection of essays, projects, etc from the conference of the same name.

and the americans-

Essays from Bruce Sterling- Start with the his Siggraph keynote speech, and go from there.

can anyone help with the italians?