How do you think the visual design of Beijing Olympics?

As a Chinese, we think the “Fu Wa” is so so. But we love the opening.

In China, there is always a saying, something is countrified which will be popular in the world. We think “Fu Wa” is countrified and we don’t think they are innovative creations. Do you like “Fu Wa”?

But for the openings, we think it’s fantastic. We do love it.

What’s your opinion then?

The BBC’s coverage has been along the theme of Jamie Hewletts (he’s the illustrator that does the Gorilliaz stuff) illustrations for the musical Monkey:Journey to the West which has been playing in London this Summer. So every now and then you’ll get these short cartoons come up by Hewlett which is cool, and i think ties in really well with the everything visually thats going on over in Beijing.

See here for animation - BBC OLYMPICS: MONKEY - YouTube

Defiantly going to miss the Olympics! Watched a load over the last 2 weeks. And Britain are 3rd!! Considering we’re tiny compared to the size of the countries in the top 6 I’d say that’s alrite! We’ll be making first place come 2012, you’ll see.

one of the best Olympics to date, we liked it!