How do you think about the two designs?

how do you think about the two designs? The " No key keyboard " and “Multi-touch keyboard” ?
It seems that I can not submit images. Plsase check this article:

It looks like the same prompt, but without more information from the “No Key”, “Multi-Touch” seems like the better and more thought out product. I understand Multi-Touch’s tech concept and while it seems similar to No-Key, it looks like No-Key is using shadows* to have the camera locate which button is pressed. There could be issues in using shadowing such as what happens with the buttons behind the finger.

From the recent crowdfunding articles:
“Does the project creator seem to know what they are doing?”
Based on what I’ve seen on the blog, no it doesn’t. Granted, I have no idea what was submitted to Kickstarter. Multi-Touch seemed more thought out: printing and most of the mechanics on the back of the tempered glass, wireless, a feeling it has that “give” flat surface keyboards lack, not to mention it has a good structured Kickstarter tiering and looks plain smexy.

  • Best way I could describe the NK process. More information on how the entire process works would be helpful.

No key keyboard does not use the shadow. the light is shinning finger and reflected to the camera. basically camera can receive natural light reflected from finger. In technology, the “light” can also be invisable. And in technology, “shadow” is also another kind of “light” so there is not difference whether it uses “shadow” or not.
Maybe “Multi-Touch” seems more beautiful but “innovation” is not about beauty.

a fixed mouse seems rather counter-intuitive and the keyboard doesn’t seem particularly comfy to type with