how do you think about Japanese product design?

how do you guys think about Japanese product design?
compare to their designs in past years & now,
also compare to other countries (U.S. & EUROPE)


I LOVE japanese design, its got a real retro feel to it, yet is seems like its soo much in the future to other design cultures. I hope to one day either study ID or work ID in Japan.

Already learning the language :wink:

Well, as a Swede working the past year in Nagoya, Japan, I got some input. Japan has (in my opinion) two major styles in ID. On being the “simplicity” style with all whites and such. The other is the totally super geek “toy” style. While the first makes for most internationally successful and recognized designs, the second one is the most dominant on the market space. Highly entertaining, over the top, in your face -things. You could compare this with most market spaces for (this is mainly the consumer market I talking about), but somehow I find Japan being more extreme in both fields. The “Toys” are BOOM! and the “simplicities” are ZEN.

One thing that I have noticed in both Japanese and Scandanavian design is the incredible commitment to detail and materials.

I’m a designer in a Japanese design firm’s branch in Shanghai. I think Japanese design is the top in the world(So is Germany design). You know, the IBM do the main design in Japan.

The style of Japanese design is very different as others’, it’s more about “technical”. A great design is not come out by imagination but by analysis.

Here are som examples : click on the pictures of the designers…

Lets talk about it!

japanese Designer borrow a lot from the west world.But it goes so well with their Product.We can find the Factors from europe, america, asia in their product.


I am Indonesian and I really want to work in Japan when I graduate but I am just clueless as to how can I find the job especially when I don’t speak the language. I like japanese design and how design in japan also concentrate on details. Can anyone help me? THANKS!

I am also interested in working in Japan or for a Japanese company one day. Eveyone who wants to work in Japan should learn the language. For most part, people in Japan are generally poorly educated in terms of foreign language. There are only selected few who are fluent in English.