How do you sketch ?

How do you sketch ?

  • For ideation only
  • For ideation and presentation

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My questions are :
Do you do “thumbnails” sketches just for ideation, that you don’t show to clients/managers, marketing ? Or you do good looking sketches for presentation ? (I’m not talking about vector graphics)

And, second question, do you use traditional media or palette ?

Third question : which software ? Photoshop, Painter, SketchbookPro, ArtRage…?
Feel free to comment. If you want you can add your age (just the decade, 20’s, 30’s, 40’s etc…)

I no longer sketch for others, just for me. I sketch with paper but I’m slowly switching to palette. 30’s.

[I understand this topic should be in “sketching” but I’m afraid the responses would be biased as mostly “sketchers” hang there, obviously.]