how do you post an image!!!!!!

how do you post your work (drawings etc) , i need some critcism. i must be thick!!!


the image must be online somewher, like in a corefolio, or uploaded into a web storage account (both free and easy)

next get that image alone on a page without anything else (apple click, or right click on the image, select open image in new window)

copy that web address into your post

put [img]in front of it

and[/img] behind it

its not very intuitive

Alternately, if the image is really huge, you can make a link to it, by following theis pattern:

[url=]YOUR LINK TEXT[/url]

you can also resive an image to make it smaller and post it here:

Thank you all very much… I will give it a shot…


I have been using photobucket and for some reason the will show up for like a day or 2 and then fail or disappear… Any suggestions…

image shack is a bit more solid

Hi, I’m new here. Greetings to everybody. :stuck_out_tongue:

and a page of doodle.

A test:



I have a small number of things on a account, how do I link my images from that onto the boards???

The mac pages set up this slideshow format that makes it impossible for a tool like myself to do a copy-paste of the url.

I’m lost…

what you want to do is click the thumbnail. In the slide show viewer hold down the CTRL button and click the image. A pop up menue will appear, select copy inage URL.

Past that image URL between this in you post:

like this:[/url]

just testing

i’m trying



one again

oooh come on!!