How do you make flying more pleasant?

I’m talking about 19 hrs on 2 consecuative NWA flight… with one of them 13 hrs straight, and no isle seat available.

I can only pray to be placed between 2 hot chicks, which has never happened before…

Bring your ipod and a deck of cards. Practice your magic tricks. If you do get seated next to two hot chicks you can impress them and get them digits. lol.

As long as Dre was on my NWA flight…

Ha, if they’re hot, they’re probably going to visit boyfriends, who have much more money than you do. Remain an anonymous mysterioso. :sunglasses:
I would also take one of those inflatable neck thingys, b/c sitting on a plane for hours without one kills your neck.

fly -i hate flying. but stay up all night before and try to sleep. or take a sleeping pill. be carefull tho with the pills. do work, when i work/ sketch time passes fast.

when i went to china-17 hrs non stop-prayed and slept thts all i can suggest tht wrked for me.


Sadly, no hot chick.

Laptop + igo (inflight power adapter.) Watch DVD’s, play games, write, read etc.

Oh yeah, and alcohol…But watch your consumption, it’s much more potent at 30k ft.

I wish. I don’t think there’s such thing is the advanced NWA.

Some airlines even offer inflight broadband internet(wireless). Not free of course, but the price is really good for long flights.

the pobability to sitting next to even one hot chick is even lower than the probability of a cute stewardess.

Bring plenty of DVD’s and upgrade to business class whenever you can. iPod, sketchbook, a good novel, and my backlog of Time magazines usually pass the time. I find that if I have a lot of options the time goes a bit faster.

Try to get a couple stops of at least an hour or two and get to your departure airport early. I have had great success with introductions in the airport cafes and lounges.


i feel for you with the no aisle seat…instead of hoping for hot chicks, pray you don’t get any annoying wierdos or cranky babies :cry:

i just end up messing with the in flight entertainment units…get bored with that…its time to eat…read my novel/magazine…listen to music…get up stretch/walk/use rest rooms…and start all over again :smiley:

I’ve been flying back and forth to China for the last 18 years (5 times per year) and the law of averages would say at least ONE hot chick would plop down next to me on at least ONE flight… nadda.

The secret to transcontinental flights is:

  • Noise cancellation headphones
  • I-Pod
  • Exit row seat
  • Drugs

Enjoy the trip!

I drink and drink and drink and drink and drink and drink… and if its a long flight I drink some more!