How do you get a design job/placment in big firms?

How do you get a job/placment in big firms? Such as Sony, Philips, Kenwood, Sharp???

They never advertise that they are talking on people so how are u supposed to know? And there’s nobody to send a CV etc too???

You gotta know somebody there.
It’s who ya know.
Or blow the boss, that seems to work for chicks in other fields.

Why is it possible for anybody to write so many stupid things as guests. You should have to register before to post anything. All the time guests are just saying stupid and useless things, easier to do it when you’re anonymous, a coward attitude… why ?

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ps: ready to hear some dumb things but needed to say that…

Sometimes they use recruiters. You can always send your info to HR. If any at these companies are IDSA members you can get thier contact info through IDSA (if you are a member.)

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I think that is a very good question…been looking for a job or internship for ages and havent found anything good in any big companies!

The question may sound stupid to some people …but it is a fair point to make:

why should it be that only the people that know people within the company can find a job in teh company …should it not be the people with the skills and the talent that should have the job?

Yeah and why should chicks have to blow the boss to get a job?

For large manufacturing brands as you listed…recruiters, networking, and school recruiting (of the top schools). Also find out who the parent company is, visit the website. Most have employment sections were you fill out an online aplication that is kept on file for one year. This is how HP hires. I have seen sony post on monster, however it was looking for someone with 10+ yrs of design and marketing experiance. Actually listed that the wanted a BFA of ID or BSID and a Masters of Marketing/branding.

But it is just like everywhere, network…research…and pray

Why? chicks can have skills to get jobs in big firm too! I got a job in a big firm. Didn’t have connection…

on the phone interview show no emotion, be ruthless, on your cd folio write “cut throats rule” with a red marker and “i love my boss” with small letters like lawyers do on the bottom of the contract. if they asked you about your personal belief system tell’em stock market is god and fortune 500 exodus.

also tell them that you filled all your dad’s tax forms in H&R block when you were at kindergarten.

Hey ufo:

One of the best jobs I had was at a very large, old corporation. One of the worst jobs I had was also at a corporation.

You can find jerks and ruthless cut throats at any kind of company not just corporate situations. The trick is to be sure not to report to one.