How do you feel about these portfolio sizes?

I would like to do some form of widescreen panoramic style portfolio obviously something scaled down to reduce file size and to fit on a standard computer screen. How does everyone feel about 6 x 12 inches or roughly something along those lines?

just keep in mind it will be printed most likely on a standard 8.5x11" or a4 paper and you should be OK. Personally, i find odd shapes a little hard to manage as you waste paper whitespace when printing, but if you are only intending for online viewing or printing and delivering copies yourself it might be OK.


I tend to like to see larger portfolios as I feel that your work gets dumb down in the smaller sizes. You have to reduce the size of you work. This takes away from the details of you sketch and it is easy to make a bad sketch look good when they are muck smaller. This how ever is not true for online and digital based portfolios scenes keeping it smaller is easier to manage.

I second the Letter size. Perhaps you could do design on Tabloid (11x17) and create a spread over 2 Letter size pages. Maybe you need an screen formatted version of your larger portfolio. I tend to dislike wide screen formats as they are invariably too tiny to be legible on screen.

I go 5.5" by 9.5" or around there, it seems to work really well with the screen but also printable (if you want to send hard copies or for interviews)

also if it’s printed, i love the option of having a project spread over two pages, adds professionality (word?) to it tho you’d have to do some re-layout to it