How do you Export Pro-E Wildfire to 3D Studio Max?

Hello everyone, this may be a stupid quesiton but what is the best way to get a Wildfire model into studio max for rendering without having to re-orient each part by hand? Thankyou very much for any help you can give

Try exporting as a “Render IGES” instead of a traditional IGES…that should work beautifully. It’s another option on the file type pull down menu. You also have to export all the parts in a single file for this to work the best.

there are different options i believe. do a Search on this section. comes up regularly.

You can export in the assembly as stl, and on the export options export one component at a time. Then when you import all into the same scene they should come in assembled. I’ve had problems with this as stl surfaces arnt very smooth. The other option is to export as photo render but not sure if you can do individual parts within an assembly. Ideally you would use a STEP file but not sure if max supports this. ImageStudio does.

I have been exporting from proE as STEP, move into rhino, clean up and delete stray surfaces, export as 3ds or iges and import into max. a bit long winded.

my experince is that a higher resolution stl works the best…too many problems with IGES unless you go with thy power translator plugin ( Not to mention if you have to edit the model, Max is horrid for nurbs.

For STLs, in the export options enter 0 for the cord height, this will give you the lowest possible number. Warning though, it will give an a ton of polys in max, great for appearance, but if the model is complicated, very resource heavy.
Also i have found you can export an entire ASM from pro/E and each part will be selectable via the ‘element’ sub selction tool (the cube icon next to ‘polygon’ section.

hope this helps.