How do you emotionally connect w/ your products?

I’m conducting research for my final project at NC State in the Masters of Industrial Design program. I’m interested in exploring the emotional nature of human-product relationships in order to generate ideas for how designers can approach design for emotional durability. I need to collect real-life stories of people and their treasured things. Can you describe the relationships you have with your favorite objects? What products are you attached to and why? See questionnaire here…

Thanks for any feedback!

Do a search for “emotion” on the boards here.

There have been several threads all about exactly what you are looking for.


Thank you. I appreciate the link to the other threads. They have been informative; however, I could still use some participants in my particular study.

The questionnaire is mostly open-ended, and it has taken an average of 30-40 minutes to complete. It asks you to identify specific products or objects that you value dearly. There are follow up questions that seek to dig up more about the nature of the emotional relationship you have with those products. I will use this information in the development of strategies designers can take in order to pursue emotionally durable design.

Please take a look at the questionnaire if you feel you have the time.

If anyone would like to contact me about this, send an email at


P.S. Awesome portfolio, Richard.