How do you define "design" from Business perspective?

I have read of a book called <> written by Debbie Millman.
one of book sentences from Stenfan Sagmeister said:
“Graphic Design is about the combination of visual and written expression of an idea, process,and system for the betterment of client interests, human locomotion, not excluding the recent trend of a lower x-height Dutch typographers”

I think this definition really makes sense to me! since I am now reading about this book still, so If any valuable sentences touch my heart, I will post here and share with your friends. please let make design a more powerful tool promoting business in great effective way.

"As a designer, we must be communicator of the world. we help other people see things . this is at the heart of what we do "
-----Peter Saville one of these graphic designers in this generation.
Hey friends, how do you think of this sentence? let’s share with our ideas together.

The above is the second post of mine, which I will regularly post some sentences which are in the book of “HOW DO THINK LIKE A GREAT GRAPHIC DESIGNER” that I am now reading about.
Hope these knowledge could make sense with your experience.

Design - A purposeful move from a current situation to a preferred situation.

Yes, that really makes sense !! The preferred situation must fit to clients’ situation.
If the client is a young company, so all we need to design for them is to give them
a appropriate position, neither too high nor too poor.

A good designer should know how to keep balance between these two directions.

Underpaid and overworked, but chicks dig it.

Well said Timf! I was about to say that design is the process of devising ways to change an existing situation into a preferred one.

Design - A purposeful move from a current situation to a preferred situation.

Simple and to the point. I’d also say that this quote describes ‘action/implementation’. Design is could be described as everything that has to happen to enable action to happen.

One thing to add, but normally part of a longer presentation I do. If you understand the Scientific Method you realize that it is impossible to analyze or use analysis for future states. What you do in the future is not testable and cannot be repeated by others to get the same results. Analysis can only be done with things in the present or past. It is like using a hammer to do the job of a cork screw. You have to Design the future because it is the only mindset and set of tools that can work. (not technically true - you could do nothing and allow the future to just happen).

Timf: You just blew my mind.

My definition from a business perspective: Creating an immediate tactile, visual, audible experience with a product in order to stimulate desire in customers.

Note that I’m an industrial designer. My goal is to always move product. In graphic design, sometimes the “product” is free or public. Therefore the goal would be communication (as Saville states) rather than selling something. Also, a graphic designer may wish to discourage an activity, rather than stimulate desire. Very different goals.


Hope the craft paper in your photo reduced the brain splatter :slight_smile:

I am fortunate that my Masters studies gave me the time to really study Design and Design Thinking and begin to develop a language that could be easily understood by others. I have definitely become a proponent of higher education.

I am also fortunate in my current job and location to be able to further develop and test my ideas and language in front of potential users.