how do you define an intellectual ?


“Why do I say Nature classify people ? Some people are born disadvantaged because they are born in the wrong place at the wrong time.”

People are frequently born disadvantaged because prejudice existing in our society doesn’t allow their parents to achieve higher standards of living, therefore exposing a fetus to more toxic elements/higher chance of harmful genetic mutations, denying a child/parent medical care, equal education opportunity etc.etc.

That’s very much not nature. It’s very much nurture.

What made me think you subconsciously classify people is your quote, “you could learn something from every class of people.” And something about “Intellectuals are dependent on other people, too” ( not exact quote).

I apologize, if I have misinterpreted you. I know how tough it is to get in on-line arguments in English when you’re not a native English speaker.

thank you so very much, I really appreciate this a lot. Thanks.
I still think my mandarin is tops. My English sucks big time.
I think I need to practice more and speak more.probably going to make more blunders, but I think this is the only way out if I want to write perfect English without misunderstanding. Another problem with me is that I hardly talk in real life, unless its for work. Pretty bad, isn’t it?
All I do is just do a lot and talk very little.
I think my third language is better than my English, because it seems that
they don’t find me confusing.

cheery you define yourself as a intelectual and a academic, both ivory tower perspective, in time you will live enough to see that the view from on high is distorted, hazy and just wrong.

I didn’t say I was an intellectual. I am trying to suss out how you have that impression when I did not say, ‘I am an intellectual’. The thing is I don’t even think I am there yet. Anyway… I ought to be sleeping. But I am already wide wide wide awake with all this typing on this forum.
I do teach, and I have to keep learning. Intellectual ? Maybe after I get an A for my English first. Writing numbers now looks easier than writing words for now. If its in Mandarin, I would have never forgiven myself.

Sorry kid, read your stuff and the attitued permeates your questions, answers and perspective. “A” for engilsh will not make you a intelectual, it makes you proficent in english as it is taught, not the core of the concepts. Your a good kid most of the time, and hey you dropped the “little girl” persona, keep up the good work.

Its not a matter of whether or not you think you are an “intellectual” or not. Its the fact that you are pursuing the idea of being an intellectual.

Intellectual, as you seem to define it, is a title. Nothing more, nothing less.

I don’t get the pursuit of, nor the discussion, of things like this.

This is the thrid crash from this publich kiosk that runs on a 15min.surfing.
So I will just have to be terse here. Basically I think my lines are read only in one perspective and in one culture. I think I know how you read it. I was stating that Classification is in nature. I should have added that that is my observation about class. I don;t think it will change BUT I do not support such class differentiation. In fact the class grouping actually favours western societies more than asians / africans and indeed other non-whites.

Better English written in the respective culture helps.
I am writing the way I would write in my own culture.
I count myself lucky that the people I work with are patient and
are willing to ask before they point at me for anything !

the reason why I ask about ‘Intellectuals’ is mainly that I am suspecting the value of intellectuals! They control the world ! But not all of them are wise and smart. Which brings about the many problems that we have today!

Thats not a small topic at all.

Nope kid inteluctuals dont controll the world, politicians, and capital managers do control the world. Politicains are for the most part not great thinkers, they are savy though, capitilst on the other hand may be very smart and have some control over the “engine” that runs the world. Politicans have one kind of power, capital control has onther, they some times collobrate other times they are in confilct but inteluctuals only just influance them a tiny bit.

partially correct.

intellectuals affect the world by way of their pens and papers.
Politicians, businessmen read them and apply them (whether it is fully or partially)

Good politicians are few. They often seek advise. Some of the politicians are intellectuals themselves. Public lectures made by intellectuals are not uncommon here. Politics, business gurus, doctors etc.
they talk about the world and how politics and businesses should run. Audience ? A good number of them are managers and ministers.

Maybe this is only the case here. But I believe papers and findings are read.

The power of the pen is sometimes mightier than what we think.

I think they play an important part in forming thoughts.- directly or indirectly.

Cheery, believe what you want, but if your betting the farm the above is not the way the world works…read some world history, real history not the pap that is passed out in “civics” class.

I like to read politicians not because I like them but I think we need to know them.

Henry Kissinger, Kishore Mahbubani, Lee Kuan Yew, Political ideals and some comprehensive political stuff are what I have read.

I think the intellectual input still have some input.

People who run politics without a head are many. They don’t win in the end.

Political reply here…