How do you communicate and why?

Do you still do face to face good old analogue communication, or are you the digital nonverbal type?
I’m a texter more than a talker. Would probably opt to speak to someone face to face, than via internet or phone, I never really write by hand other than to myself (notes, lists etc).

On further research it would appear people communicate less these days. It is the view of a few that people connect rather than communicate. My view is this is down to how you want to be percieved.

If you want something done, face to face is best. You can’t ignore the person in front of you as you can withvoice or e mail.

I’d also say I get better responce from voicemail over email. The less human a request is, the easier it is to ignore, atmo.

Also, this is in reference to business communications, not personal communication. But the two are pretty similar.

When working with vendors across the ocean, despite all of our massive amounts of technology (file transfers, video conferences, emails all day and all night) nothing gets work faster than being there and talking face to face.

As a designer, verbal communication is absolutely essential to getting things done quickly and correctly. A large part of what we do is convince people with capital to spend millions of dollars developing, tooling, manufacturing, distributing, marketing, and selling product ideas. That can’t be done with a text. YHMB?

YHMB?!? Your Heart, My Body? You Have My Back?

You Hear Me Bro?

Reminds me of the young man visiting the shop next door a couple of weeks ago. They do rock-crawler mods for local enthusiasts.

The shop owner was out on the driveway talking with the guy. Like we all do during a blue-sky ideation meeting they were talking about mods he wanted done; extending this, shortening that, beefing up a-arms, etc. It seemed that every other word out of the customers mouth was, “jo-whadda-me?” “Yeah, yeah, but a little shorter, jowhaddame? I didn’t think it would cost that much, maybe a couple hundred, jo-whadda-me?” Spoken quickly in a monotone.

Hearing it so frequently was really starting to annoy me; it was literally every-other-word for ten minutes. Like hearing a fifteen year old say, “uh”, or “like, then …”.

I could not for the life of me figure out what the guy was saying. And then it hit me.

Jo-whadda-me?! Do you know what I mean?

I use it all the time now… jowhaddame?