How do you carry?

It’s time for a new bag for work and I wanted to get some feedback on what other people are using.

I was using a crumpler messenger type bag for a few years, but it killed my back for some reason. Might just have been too big for what I need. I use it for transporting guitar gear now.

I’m looking for something that is easy to carry, fits an ipad, some lunch, my water bottle and has pockets for keys, over head headphones and absolutely has to fit an A4 folder or typical magazine size. Just for my everyday carry to work and then occasionally for a good few hours walking around the city so want it to look good and keep out the weather.

I am digging hard graft felt/leather combo at the moment too but they’re a bit pricey.

Any advice, thoughts?

I have a Topo Designs Klettersack which I use on a daily basis for cycling and walking to work.
They are great bags, hand made in the US, super practical and very comfortable.

The mountain briefcase looks very practical as well.

Herschel Supply some some good limited edition collection with non-typical materials, some with internal pocket organizers and most has a key clip in the front pockets. Their Studio line and Badhills collection are only found at few retailers.​/

Okay, this is not leather, it is not classy, and it is probably one of the more obnoxious bags in the $400 range that is not meant for fashion, but just in case you decide to do something contrary . . .

The Boblebee Megalopolis Aero in Neon. It holds all your items and saves your spine in the event of being hit by runaway bread truck.

No personal experience, but I’ve heard this is one of the best made backpacks you can by the in $60 range.

I mostly ride a bike to work. I have been using the same Chrome bag for 5+ years. I carry work clothes, lunch, personal items and on rare occasions, a laptop. Other than a bit of rust on the backside of the buckle (which they warranty and would replaced if it bothered me), it looks as good as the day I bought it. And I beat it to crap.

If I was going for the executive look and driving some German wondercar, I’d get a Nava Staffiano briefcase.

If I was going for the executive look and driving some German wondercar, I’d get a Nava Staffiano briefcase.

When you are going for the germanic executive look have a thought about Offerman(n). They are doing high quality
leather goods for male and female business audience. The items combine clever details, ruggedness and elegance in a
unique way and the headquarter is just round the corner from me.

I do carry one of those twice a week for around 6 years now and it is still presentable:

They had a nicer, smaller logo and smaller seams back then…but airprotection for the Laptop is still there.


Seconded. They are good friends of mine, and make a great product. Their sling bag sounds about the right size:

I have the boblebee, but in silver. It’s cool, but kinda useless. Can’t fit much in it. Though does get comments whenever I have it, which is not that often.

Bought it on a whim 8 years ago when I first saw it in a wallpaper mag I think. Now collecting dust.


Same, silver. Bought one at a trade show from the Swedish guys in the second year of business, ten years ago, probably more. Hand cut aluminum rails on the outside. Could not fit a laptop. Has a wedge shape inside at the bottom that things get stuck in. No flexibility, always the max size. Has a roll on the bottom that looks cool if you stuck a scuba tank or a blanket or not sure what. The fabric flip top was useless. My friend wore one once snowboarding and rolled with it on his back, almost broke him in half. Wore it once in public, caught a reflection of myself in a window, realized what I looked like. Never wore it again. Gathered dust on the wall for a while as a design relic, finally put it up for adoption on the curb. It is in the top three of the “wow that looks cool” impulse buy category in my buying history, and reminds me each time to think things through better next time.

Ahh. Not that bad;). Did use it to take my dog in on a bike ride once. Think my rails are cf.


I’ve been using a Goruck GR1 for the past year or so with only amazing things to say. It has a bit of a cult following, and I was hesitant about purchasing, but honestly couldn’t recommend any other mid-sized backpack.

Even if you’ll never buy, looking through some of the details and design process for it is pretty impressive.