How do you become literate in desgin


I am an engineer. I graduated from college and got a great job working for a Japanese company in the bay area. I travel to Japan twice a year.

I would like to continue my education. I love design but I do not think I have what it takes to be desginer. However I would like to develop creative, form, and human factor skills that come with a design education. In college I managed to take extra corses in Japanese, buisness, and art besides engineering. I think all of these subjects are interesting and would like to study more.

I would really like to be a well rounded person (the japanese classes paid off big time).

Your best bet is to continually educate yourself by reading voraciously, studying art and design exhibits, attending trade shows, and the like. Even a trip to a department store can be enlightening, as long as you’re paying close attention.

Are you asking about graduate school, classes, or general ways to educate yourself? A more hands-on activity would be to sketch daily. No matter where your drawing is right now, it will improve with practice. Don’t leave home without your sketch book, and draw from observation whenever you have a free moment.

guest deserves credit for offering excellent advice.

learn by doing! and try to find the difference between good design and good taste.