how do u validate the design firm on net

i want to workin uk for my internship. my problem is how do i judge the design firm just going through website…most of the time interactive websites are done by outsourcing …and many products featured are virtual

Why can’t you just email them and ask what kind of projects they’ve worked on and for whom?

What does outsourcing a website have to do with its credibility? It makes sense from a business standpoint, especially if you’re too busy designing product.

Agree with nydesignguy.

Dont think that the website is the be all and end all of the company.

If you are worried about approaching them directly, ring up a UK design school and ask for advice. They may help. You will find departmental numbers on the web. Speak to a few Universities, see which names keep cropping up and contact them.

Good luck. :smiley: