how do u delete songs from ipod 30GB?

cant figure out. Anyone???

Am ready to get some comments on my being a dumbass or something. That would be be better than to digest the fact that a co. like apple doesnt make it intuitive enuff or that they dont allow u to delete songs.

You need to be connected to your computer and use i-tunes.


c’mon man. i did tham uploaded some songs onto the ipod, and now cant get them off buddy!


like the man said, delete them from itunes. its the only way.

If you ipod is synced to a particular playlist (s) then remove the songs from those playlists and it will update, if your ipod syncs to your entire library, then the whole library is on there regardless, if you manually sync your ipod, you can open it like any other playlist and arrange and delete songs…

Show hidden files and delete them the way you do with ordinary files.

This used to make more sense with earlier iPods. Back then, everything was one way from iTunes → iPod. So the mental-model for the iPod was simple.

Today you can do things on your iPod that are sync’d back to your iTunes. iTunes <-> iPod. Song-ratings for instance. This is consistant with the convention for sync on other devices, going back to the original palm. The mental model here is pretty simple too.

Unfortunately Apple hasn’t made the system model match the new mental model, leaving consumers confused about exactly what you can and can’t do on your iPod vs. in iTunes. Shame on you Apple!

But then again the iPod isn’t really as usable as it could be…it gets by on it’s good looks. Visceral Simplicity.

I guess this means I can get as off-topic as I want to and still get replies!

Did he get them off?