How do recent grads get design jobs and not production?

I’ve combed through a few of the postings on here and as a recent grad, I’m concerned about the entry level design jobs we’ve been applying for.

Is it easier for us to get hired as production artists? Should we forget about designing?

20% of the project are getting it.
80% of the project hours are doing it.

The production work is where the money and stability is. Just a thought.

True fact, money is in engineering and manufacturing design is a joke (I am an ID myself), I wish I could step out.

How can I be a millionarie without doing any work?

Hire free women designers

you will never be a millionaire working as a designer unless you start your own business and whore yourself out to the world. Then like Rashid, Stark, and others, you will be talked about endlessly by people who claim to dispise you yet are totally obsessed with your ever move and probably have examples of your work posted on their desk without even knowing it.

And then you can hire free designers (regardless of gender)

Well, I’m not exactly looking to be a millionaire… I just don’t want to waste all the training of developing concepts we got grilled from in school and all of a sudden it’s all about production in order to get a job.

If doing production jobs is a step to hopefully design, then maybe I should buck up and deal.

It just seems to me that when you interview, all they care about is if you can work the software, they just breeze over your portfolio the one you’ve been slaving for from school to months of perfecting it.

Wow, I’m getting jaded and I haven’t really found a job yet.

sometimes you have to take those kinds of jobs to get to where you want to be. I did alot of contract work and worked for some pretty small companies before I got the job I wanted.

Don’t give up there is a job out there and anything that involves the filed looks good on your resume.