How do I upload attachments?

Hi all,

I can upload an attachment easily from my phone and tablet, but there isn’t an option to do it on the desktop website. Am I missing something?

Underneath the message form are two tabs: Options and next to that Attachments.
That is all plain HTML so should load in any browser.

Sorry I missed this. You have to be in the full “Reply” mode, not the “quick reply” window. Quick reply does not have an attachment feature (unfortunately). Once you hit the big REPLY button in the bottom left you will see the attachment tab Ralph is talking about.

Ah! I did think that was the case, but I could only ever see this 3 bar icon in Chrome, and clicking on it did nothing.

I’ve just tried in Safari and it clearly says attachments. I’ll just have to upload stuff in a different browser.

Cheers Ralph and Michael.