How do I spec this printing process?

I would like to replicate the process used to print the Incase logo in the attached image. It feels embossed from behind but I wonder if the white letters are also some type of thermal transfer since the black portion is matte and the white letters have a little shine to them?

Any info on how to spec these process on my prints for the factory would be helpful! Thanks!

It is embossed if you can feel it from behind.

The black ink is probably uncoated and the white is probably just the plain paper stock. If the paper stock is dull, they could have a gloss varnish to increase the shine. Look at the transition between the white and black under a loop. If they did use a varnish, you should see some bleed onto the black. No printer can keep registration perfect.

I second this. This looks to be a simple Gloss/Matte process and is probably printed on regular clay coated white board with a spot varnish. Do some research on Printing processes. You should be able to find plenty and it will give you an idea of how it works.

hard to see from the pic, but i would guess based on your description that it is a spot UV coating for the shiny areas, and not a spot varnish. spot varnish isn’t really that shiny (think inside magazine pages), while spot UV is very shiny (think magazine covers or what is often done on business cards if there is a black on black logo).

It’s also possible the matte areas, if very matte and plasticky feeling, have a spot OPP matte laminate applied.

under a loupe, there will be no "bleed if it is laminates as it is essentially “cut” when applied. I don’t think anyhow even if it is varnish you would see any bleed, though perhaps some registration offset in either case.

If the back of the sample doesn’t show the emboss/deboss, it may in fact be a raised thermal printing. hard to see from the pic.

If you show the sample to your printer, they should easily be able to determine what it is.