How do I search for Jobs in Europe.

I’m interested in looking at ID opportunities in Europe, but I’m having a hard time finding job/firm listings that are specific to that region. Can anybody direct me some resources that could help?

I know coroflot has some on occasion, but I was wondering if there were sites more specific to Europe.

HI dude

I am an irishman in engineering hoping to get into design. Try or or maybe if you could get some of the design magazines or a friend in the Uk … London is good for design or sweden or italy you have to be country specific any how tag me back if you want any more … Are you in the states?

hey paul. thanks for the advice. I’ll check out those sites. I know that most design jobs in the US are not posted on sites like monster, so I didn’t event think to look there.

I’m in the states and will be graduating in May. I thought this might be a good time to see what the opportuities were over seas. I guess the countries on the top of my list are the UK, Germany, Sweden, and Australia. However, since i’m really just looking now, I’d be open to others.

If anyone has had any experience doing this and/or knows how to go about searching for opportunities I’d really appreciate your two cents.

Originally I’m from Germany, studied in England and now work in Stockholm. Although I haven’t been in the business so long but from the experience I gathered, every country here works a little different regarding design job postings. So as Paul mentioned you have to be more specific.

For you it’s probably easiest to start in London as language wouldn’t be a problem and there are a lot of ways of how openings are advertised. Try the magazines: Blueprint, DesignWeek. Try agencies:

There are probably much more when you take time to look for it. You can also try to have a look on London-based companies’ websites. Some of them post jobs as well. The only downfall is though that London is VERY competitive as they have more than enough great designers to choose from.

In Germany it’s rather difficult too as you need to speak the language. Almost no way without. You probably get by in bigger cities but daily life will be hard without knowing any German.
There are two magazines: FORM (English and German) and Design Report.
Here they have the most interesting job posts online: form – form Design Magazine

Sweden isn’t that easy either as there are almost no offical postings for design jobs. There is a design magazine FORM (different from the German one!) but I couldn’t see any job postings. You get by with English but most companies (smaller ones) prefer if you speak Swedish so you would have to learn it eventually. I got lucky as I can speak English at my current job but I take a Swedish course. It makes daily life easier.
Some jobs are posted on (most are in Swedish):
I haven’t been able to find an agency that specializes in design (neither did I in Germany) but try this site:
It lists design companies but many of them are very small but gives you an idea where to start!

Sorry about this essay but I hope some of this information was useful!
Good luck!