how do i render materials/textures found on sneakers?

i know it’s a noob question, but i consider myself a noob, so please bare with me.

after throwing down the linework in illustrator for a sneaker render, and coloring it, my images always feel like they’re not what they could be because i’m not utilizing PS and illustrator to their potential. i feel that it’s due to the lack of textures and rendering of materials on my sneakers. i was wondering what the best way to render leather, mesh and perforations were.

i tried looking through dozens of FAQS and through the history of this forum but to no avail. can anyone help me out with a tut or a link?

Check out the tutorial over on Richard’s blog First Pullover: Footwear Photoshop Rendering Tutorial > parts 1-6

If I remember correctly he renders a leather texture and a mesh texture on that shoe and uses the warp tool or something similar to get the perspective and curves right.

it’s there, used to be pics that were helpful, but the links must not work anymore.

can also use a scanned or texture grabbed from the web distorted as described with then adjust colors and contrast as necessary and use as a multiply layer, or use the texture Filter in PS for some basics.


My friend Mark just started this…

It can answer a lot of rendering questions asked on Core77.

check it out,

thanks for the responses guys.

yeah, i’ve been meaning to check out that site. the stuff on gnomon project is cool and all, but there’s nothing that pertains specifically to sneakers and how to render them.

That’s Richard, not Ryan, but ya, check it out, it may be of help :slight_smile:


Damn! Sorry Richard! I knew that. Long day… :slight_smile:

no prob! :slight_smile:


Looks cool, might plan on ordering this DVD