How do I make this (picture)

I have created this 3D model of sculpture I want to build.


It is 1m x 1m, texture would be white and preferably matte.

It is preferably one single piece but if it needs to be separate elements I understand…

I am thinking about cutting it out of cardboard but I know that it could look a bit unprofessionala nd will not last long, other option was computer controlled hot wire cutting…?

For a more permanent option can anyone recommend anything? The apexes of the pyramids should all be very sharp.

Thank you.

The first thing I’d look into would be laser cut sheets of polystyrene hand glued together as panels. With a little bit of effort you could get a seamless, white, and fairly sturdy piece which would also be easy to paint if needed. As long as you just have planar surfaces, (you do as far as I can tell) that would be the best way to go for the scale you mentioned. It would be hollow, but while you are cutting the panels you can cut some internal support pieces if needed.

Your video link is dead.

rapid prototype for 1.
casting for many.
lots of casting options depending on what ultimate qty and material you’d like.

You could do this from cardboard, plastic, wood, foam, etc you will just need to start cutting a lot of triangles.

Is there a reason you are particularly keen on this shape?