How do I make a jpeg 6kb for my avatar?

I’m trying to create my avatar. It’s 60x60 pixels and 72 dpi. However the smallest I can make the file is 627kb. Can someone please help me, thanks.

Don’t use a JPEG. Use GIF, or PNG instead. Drop the DPI down if you need to.

When I try to “save as” I don’t see the gif or png options, Only jpeg, psd, raw, tiff and so on. How do I make it a gif or png?

Try “Save for Web & Devices” it varies between versions of PS.

First off if your “Smallest” size is 627k your image should be massive.

Forget about DPI, dpi means nothing. In photoshop make sure to resize your image to be 60x60 pixels. Even with no JPG compression your image shouldn’t be bigger than about 3k.

If you’re only getting jpg and raw or PSD as an image you need to:

Make sure your image is flattened, no layers.

Make sure you do not have any alpha channels.

Make sure under Image->Mode you are set to RGB and 8 bits per color. If you are trying to save an HDRI or other image this will increase the image size.

Then do save for web and devices and pick JPG (or GIF, either is suitable).

If you use photoshop’s export for web and devices, and use gif, you might want to save an original first… then try out different Gif palattes. Its the pull down in the pic, when “gif” is selected for output.

Sometimes giffing an image can change colors for the worse and saving first lets you try out different versions

Thank you for guiding us to create avatar for the forum. I am using the linux do I need a guideline for the GIMP software. Is any other way to create a avatar. How do i will create a avatar in linux operating systems. Photoshop will not support the linux.