How do i know when it is time to have sex?

:unamused: i m like confussed i realy don’t know on when it is appropriate to have sex what should i do if my bf ask’s me if i wanna have sex what should i say?please help me

haha…just grab your ankles and tell him your not responsible… :smiling_imp:

seriously…this isn’t a discussion for a design chat room…talk to your parents, minister, priest, etc.

there’s under18s around here…

It’s 21 for you kid.

ok ok :blush:

I think we scared her off…wonder what she said th her bf… :confused: …oh well, back to work…

Say yes if you want to.
No if you don’t.

My I.D friend James is 27, he’s never had a girlfriend. He’s not goodlooking, gets shat on when chatting up girls, and is very sexually frustrated which is even more dangerous as he’s short fused (anger wise). Its beginning to effect his well being, his attendance and motivation are slipping, as well as his work quality.

I was thinking of taking him to a brothel…thats if any female intern working there is willing. If not, what should i do? i don’t want to see a mate crumble into oblivion.

LMAO! :smiley: more shock than in a smiling sense. 27 man! i feel for the guy, your telling me he’s to ugly for a hooker? dude i’ve seen baboon-butt faced freaks get one-nighters with non-hookers. He should remember he’s not the only one, i know many like that, all be it much younger. We shouldnt be littering the board with peoples sexual failings :blush: