How do I import ai layers into photoshop?

Hey Guys,

Does anyone know how to take layers from illustrator and transfer them into photoshop? I have CS2. Thanks!


I just copy from Illustrator and paste into PS. PS will ask you to choose what type of layer art it will become (pixels or vector, etc).

If you have a lot of layers in Illustrator, it could become tedious, but that’s how I’ve been doing it for years…

Oh, haha. That’s a pretty obvious way I guess. lol. I thought maybe you could import an ai. file with individual layers and it would translate them all. Thanks circular!

You can also export your illustrator file as a PSD file - all the layers will remain in the same structure.

Under the ‘file’ tab there should be an ‘export’ command. You will see many different save as options - one being photoshop (*.PSD)

you will then have options for the resolution and settings of your PSD, including Layers.

It’s pretty straight forward and the best way to take all your illustrator data into Photoshop.

Bozz88 is right, however, pasting allows you to break up Illustrator layers into more Photoshop layers. ie everything copied and pasted will create a new Photoshop layer, which is something I often need to do, when I want to apply different layer styles to each object, for instance.

If you copying objects from an A3 (for example) Illustrator document into an A3 Photoshop document, drawing a box with no fill or stroke directly on the artboard boundaries and copying and pasting this with every object will ensure they are pasted correctly relative to each other in Photoshop. As this box is invisible, Photoshop will then ignore it once the object is placed.

Hope this helps!

Awesome info! Thanks guys!