How do I hook up with an ICFF offsite event?

Anyone have any tips on how to hook up with an offsite group show for ICFF 2007? I’m not interested so much in the Javits Center Jubilee-- more like the Brooklyn designer/maker scene. I’ve got some furniture & products I’d like to exhibit, and would love to hook up with a group of some sort…

A good place to start – here’s a roundup of the offsite’s from last year’s ICFF, should give you an idea of who to contact:

And here’s an article describing the vibe of several of the events:

I’m not sure if he’s still curating, but Dave Alhadeff at The Future Perfect is generally very involved in many of the Brooklyn shows. It may be worth calling the store and asking:

Thanks for the tips & thoughts. I remember going to a lot of those exhibitions last year-- sometimes the most obvious thing is looking back in time.

Anyone else have experience trying to get into an offsite show? Is emailing/calling past curators the best way?