How do I do good transition surfaces?

Hi! I’m using both Autostudio and Rhino and are mostly modelling with nurbs. I’m quite skilled on basic surface modelling but I’m having a really hard time when trying to do good transition surfaces with high continuity. Right now I’m modelling a car but I can’t connect the surfaces of the front/hood and the side of the car. I want at least tangent continuity. Does anyone know any good techniques?

in autostudio, try creating blend curves on the edges of the surfaces that you want to create a transition surface between. then, rail a new surface with the blend curves and surface edges. alias had a really good .pdf called ‘learning technical surfacing’ which explains in detail what you need…

there are online tutorials for modeling NURBs cars. most use iterative approach of building, pulling off curves, then rebuilding. some tuts attach surfaces and then pull curves and rebuild. some people make everything from a single surface with lots of CV tweaking. recommend finding them and trying the different techniques. i’m moving to a combo of the rebuild method to get good starter curves for single surface.

Thanks ykh! Found one pdf from alias called “technical surfacing”. Is that the one you recommended? I just had a quickly read through. It seems to be a really good tutorial, but quite advanced and more than a hundred pages long. Puuuh! Maybe I’m gonna give it a try tonight. Do you know more good tutorials?

pojo: I’ve done some tutorials (mostly some kind of patch modelling) that I found on the web but I always end up with one or two ugly looking surfaces or some with bad continuity and there are almost always transition surfaces that fail.

Hmm, rhino’s gonna be tricky, but try and make it in as few a surfaces as possible, and before you export make sure you join together all the surfaces of the same colour.

actually. no.

i know alias has a Tech Surf dvd. was on sale couple months back. almost bought it. but there are other tuts online. one i used is offline now (was a Subaru - if anyone knows where it went). best to visit a place like CGTalk. lots of good CG people there. and lots of tutorial links. have to hunt for good NURBs tuts tho.