How do I create own textures in Cobalt???

hello Core-Forum

In the hope someone could help me in practical with Cobalt - i have to know how it is possible to develope own textures or materials for renderings in Cobalt…
In the matter of facts i wasn`t able to find this topic in the whole tutorials!

Is there any possibilty to upload, edit and create 2D or 3D materials for renderings in Cobalt -


It would be best to go to the cobalt forum for future detailed info.

For textures in cobalt
Put the seemless texture file in the textures folder.
after putting a basic texure on the part you go to advance settings in the edit object window.
in the shader class under color, select wrapped image. then pick the file you put in the texures folder.

for a texture go to displacement in the shader class and pick the file.

Here is the best sorce of textures I have found

to make your own textures is another story. there is probably good info in that maxon resorce section. you can put bmp or jpeg in the texture folder to use.

If you need more help you can pm me