How do I change the vanishing point in AutoStudio?

How do I change the vanishing point in AutoStudio?

Im using AutoStudio version 2008 (strange though its still 2007 but anyways…) / StudioTools

And I want a more extreme perspective for my rendering.
Close to fisheye perspective.

I cant find it and neither can I find any answers on google.

Have a nice day.

Windows >> Editors >> Cameras>>Lens Properties >> Focal length - User >> Angle of view ( change this value , Max 179 degree)


Thanks a lot! :wink:

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Just a quick question. I can find the window to customize my marking menu, but how do I add commands to it?

drag and drop from pull down menu, shelf tab, palette tab, or control panel using MIDDLE MOUSE button, into the open marking menu editor window.

as always, be sure to exit the program cleanly to insure your new preferences are saved to disk, because if you crash out the prefs will not be saved. of course you could right mouse inside the marking menu editor window to save the prefs manually, just accept the user_default name to be sure your prefs will load up when alias starts next time.

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