how do i change the color ?

using photoshop, how do i change the red part of the shoe to other colors?

the are a couple of ways to do this, but the easiest is probably to selecct the area you want to change with the lasso or magic wand and then shange the hue & saturation settings. if you look on the web you can find may tutorials fot photoshop…


Thiis person has no business using Pshop with a remedial question like this.

Sure they do… You have to start somewhere. Not everyone uses photoshop on a regular basis. Some just use it for minor things like this poster…

As far as the poster is concerned, I would check out the adobe studio which include: forums and tutorials. Also check out the help button on photoshop or go to the book store and check out the index.

As the first poster said this can be done in many ways and would be difficult to explain all of them. This is a pretty basic question that you should be able to figure out yourself.

Image > Adjustment > Replace Color > Click the red on the image > Play with sliders until you find the color that you want it to be > Play with the “Fuzziness” slider to make sure you’re only changing the hues of the colors you want changed. The fuzziness slider determines how much other colors close to (for this example) red will also be affected by the changes you make with the other sliders

Sure, there’s about 1 million other ways to do this in photoshop, some like to painstakingly (and granted sometimes you gotta) lasso the area with the angular lasso tool, then go Image > Adjustments > Hue/Saturation > Play with sliders for desired results.

Have fun, and I hope there are not actually designers working at Nike that don’t know Photoshop…

do you mean changing colour?

for me, i will do like this, at first, choose the lasol tools, cut it out according to the shape, then the selection will appear,
the next step is, pressing Ctrl+J to copy the selection parts to make a new layer, after that press Ctrl+U to change the red colour.
That’s my way,it stiil keep the original layer just incase you wish to do more changing.